Reverse Mentoring

Senior leaders and executive board members should seek out opportunities to undertake reverse mentoring opportunities with individuals from different ethnic background in more junior roles.  (The McGregor-Smith Report, 2017)
Leaders should engage in reverse mentoring. (BITC The McGregor-Smith Review Scorecard Report, 2018)

In Reverse Mentoring, senior leaders are matched with junior colleagues to learn from them. In the context of diversity and inclusion, leaders gain insight into the experiences of someone who is different from them in some way, such as race, ethnicity and gender. As a result, the experiences of the organisation, its talent management systems and its culture will be seen through a different lens.

With the focus on diversity, it creates a learning opportunity for senior leaders as they engage with someone willing to share their experience with the company culture and talent management processes.

Reverse Mentoring Testimonials

There are over 900 participants from 2013 – till now (and still counting), who have gone through Petunia Thomas’s Reverse and Reciprocal Mentoring Programmes. Some of the great feedback and testimonials are highlighted below:
The programme was expertly managed by Petunia. It has tangible benefits at all Organizational levels.

FTSE 100
It was the first time we had embarked on reverse mentoring, and Petunia’s structured yet flexible approach set a solid foundation from which to launch.

Sharon Doherty
Global Organisation & People Development Director, Vodafone
We’ve been working with Petunia for over two years, and I have to say, that she has turned around the concept of mentoring in our firm. Reciprocal mentoring has now become something of a flagship programme.

Managing Partner & Chair of the Board, Pinsent Masons

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