Sponsorship & Mentoring

Individuals who are most satisfied with their rate of advancement are individuals with sponsors. (S. Hewlett, 2013)
Black and Ethnic Minority are 63% less likely than other races to have a sponsor seeing to their career success. As a result, talented Ethnic Minority employees are less likely to progress. (S.Hewlett, 2013)

……Ergo, sponsors are vital to the progression of Ethnic Minority talent.

Sponsorship is an influential professional relationship whereby a senior leader advocates for junior Ethnic Minority and diverse talent, and can open doors that would otherwise be inaccessible to this under-represented group.

It is akin to a strategic partnership – implicitly or explicitly – and has a measurable impact on career progression. In this sense, sponsorship is more powerful than traditional mentoring; it catalyses tangible upward career progression, through providing access to high profile assignments and promotions.

“It is a process whereby both the sponsor and sponsee can advance their careers as a result of the two-way investment. It is also a mechanism by which people of vision attain their goals.”
– S. Hewlett, 2013         
“Led by Board Chairs, existing Board directors of the FTSE 100 and FTSE 250 should mentor and sponsor people of colour within their own companies.”
– Sir John Parker Review, 2016
“Executive Sponsors for Race to publicly commit to leadership actions on… mentoring and sponsorship.”
– BITC Race at Work Charter 2019

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