Welcome to the world of Black and Minority Ethnic Development! This is a highly innovative one-stop shop for Black and Ethnic Minority development scheme that enhances individual, organizational, community and national economic growth.

Petunia Thomas strategically lays out expertly structured and unique frameworks that support Black and Ethnic Minority development and progression in workplace.

In Reverse Mentoring, senior leaders are matched with junior colleagues to learn from them. In the context of diversity and inclusion, leaders gain insight into the experiences of someone who is different from them in some way, such as race, ethnicity and gender. As a result, the experiences of the organization, its talent management systems and its culture will be seen through a different lens.

Black and Ethnic Minority Talent Programme

Welcome to the world of Black and Ethnic Minority Development! Much work has to be done to develop and support the contribution of diverse Black and Ethnic Minority talent to organizational, social and economic growth in the UK.

Career Sponsorship Programmes​

Sponsorship is an influential professional relationship whereby a senior leader advocates for junior Black and Ethnic Minority diverse talent, and can open doors that would otherwise be inaccessible to this under-represented group. It is akin to a strategic partnership – implicitly or explicitly – and has a measurable impact on career progression.

Bespoke Training & Workshops​

Petunia Thomas is an experienced, skilled and highly professional facilitator with over twenty five years of expertise working with senior leaders in business.

She designs and delivers high quality, tailored and effective programmes: Black and Ethnic Minority Career Development, Reverse Mentoring and Sponsorship Programmes, as well as Board and Executive level D&I Workshops.

Inclusive Leadership for Culture Change

This programme explores how a range of factors, including bias, relate to both inclusion and exclusion, and their impact on diverse employees. Recognising intersectionality, these modules recognise the difference between Black, Asian and other Minority Ethnic groups. Whilst referencing relevant theory and research, it is grounded in a practical rather than theoretical or academic base for business leaders, and will enable them to consciously and intentionally create and maintain actively inclusive cultures for measurable, long term and sustainable change.

Race Fluency for Boards, Executive Teams & Managers

These sessions provide a safe, supported, confidential environment for senior leaders and managers to explore, share and learn in order to prepare for and engage in conversations about race and ethnicity without feeling awkward. They will also explore how structural and systemic issues of race in society permeate the office and workplace, and develop a personal, practical and organisational action plan to contribute to eradicating them.


Sharon Doherty,
Global HRD

With a supportive style, yet `stretching` us, Petunia was able to engage and work effectively with our senior leaders embarking on a new programme with a different approach. She was also great at connecting with our diverse talent who were extremely positive about their training and coaching sessions with her.

Managing Partner
Pinsent Masons

We’ve been working with Petunia for over two years, and I have to say, that she has turned around the concept of mentoring in our firm. Reciprocal mentoring has now become something of a flagship programme.

Suzanne Hughes,
Santander UK

The set up for our first reverse mentoring programme, expertly managed by Petunia, was both a productive and enjoyable learning experience that delivered results for us. Members of our Exec team engaged personally, gaining new and deeper insights from colleagues in under-represented groups, and we have since embedded the key learnings and insights from the programme to help further our D&I work and strategy across the organisation.