Over 900 participants from 2013 – and still counting – have gone through our Reverse Mentoring, Reciprocal Mentoring and Sponsorship Programmes. These programmes and workshops have been honed from over twenty five of deep facilitation experience, designing and delivering, learning and development interventions, empirical testing and applied knowledge. The results are comprehensive, rich, stretching and enjoyable interventions that add value and grow the business through tapping into the rich contributions diverse Black and Ethnic Minority talent have the potential of making to any organisation.

Board and Executive Team Workshops

Organizations with more ethnically and culturally diverse teams have 35% better financial returns. (McKinsey Diversity Matters, 2015)
The UK economy could benefit from a £24bn-a-year boost if black and minority ethnic people progressed in work at the same rate as their white counterparts. (McGregor-Smith Review, 2017)

The role of senior leaders in creating an actively inclusive culture that values and respects diversity is key.

Demonstrating commitment in positively influencing the tone from the top and accountability for managing it and taking action at all levels is a responsibility they carry on behalf of the whole organisation.

A leadership Black and Ethnic Minority gap is evidence that the leadership and talent management programmes are missing something relevant to Black and Ethnic Minority employees.

An inclusive culture and environment of valuing and even celebrating diversity are key to Black and Ethnic Minority talent thriving, adding value and helping to grow your organisation and business.


That was very thought-provoking. And we’ve come away with some initially small but important actions that I think will help us make progress on our journey. Thank you.
I was surprised - we ended up extending the time as we discussed and opened up more than I thought… it was a great session.

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